On Tuesday 25th October 2016, 14.30, the APPG will hold its third evidence session on the Inquiry into Building Resilience to Radicalisation in MENA. 

The third formal evidence session will invite experts from the sectors of education and skills to give their insights into the current situation in MENA. What is currently being done to support youth communities through education opportunities and skills training? Is it enough in response to the current landscape? What more needs to be done? More importantly to the Inquiry subject, what does the evidence suggest needs to be prioritised within education in order to reduce the radicalisation of MENA youth? 

The session will engage with experts and organisations working in the areas of education and skills, who are aiming directly, or indirectly, to strengthen youth and community resilience in MENA.  It will explore the reasons for addressing these sectors, what are the current projects and strategies being used to build resilient individuals/ communities, and evaluate their impact, using examples of successful initiatives and insights from the ground.

Witnesses attending:

Moussa Bourekba, Researcher and Project Manager, SAHWA, CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs)

Tayyar Sukru Cansizoglu, Senior Regional Protection Coordinator, UNHCR

Aly Jetha, CEO and Founder, Big Bad Boo Studios

Giulia Marchesini, Senior Partnership Officer, Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), The World Bank

Eugenie Teasley, CEO, The Goodall Foundation