"Defining and Decoding Radicalisation and Resilience - An In-Depth Research and Academic Perspective"

Before we start looking into any possible solutions and evidence, we must bring a better definition to the terms and any theoretical evidence and commentaries of how to build resilience against radicalisation. This first evidence session will look into the facts and research carried out by the expert witnesses, and their respective organisations in attendance, to focus on evidence and perspectives. It will help shape the future of the evidence session, through advice and direction from the witnesses.

This first formal evidence session will aim to bring further clarity and definition to some of the terminologies being used to address this topic, namely the terms of Radicalisation and Resilience, and also a better understanding to the challenges faced in the MENA region, particularly the curent drivers of radicalisation from an expert and research perspective. The Inquiry committee will seek to expand on the meanings of these definitions trhough exploring best practise and the interventions (a) currently being used (b) that could be used to address the issues.

The witnesses will include:

  • Professor Tahir Abbas, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI, (Royal United Services Institute)
  • Professor George Joffe, Research Fellow, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Mark Sedgwick, Arab and islamic Studies, Aarhus University, Denmark