Written Evidence Submissions

The subcommittee would welcome written submissions which address in particular

1. Details of strategies, programmes or projects currently in place in the MENA region that help to reduce the risk of radicalisation (directly or indirectly) that you are involved in or know of.

  • From your experience / in your opinion, what are the underlying causes or factors that increase the risk of people being radicalised?
  • Is there any evidence (anecdotal, qualitative or quantitative) of them demonstrating success in terms of preventing radicalisation?
  • Could different actors work together to tackle the issue from all angles and if so, who, what and how?
  • Lessons that can be learnt from previous experience of reducing the risk of radicalisation by extremist groups (either historic or current)
  • What examples can be given where conditions and interventions have encouraged people to avoid making the choice to join extremist groups?
  • What examples can be given of the UK supporting governments to create better policy environments that discourage radicalisation?
  • Have previous programmes or strategies been value for money?

2. How this experience and learning can be applied to the current challenge of reducing the risk that people will be radicalised

  • Are there any features of this current challenge that differentiate it from previous experience?
  • What parallels can be drawn from other settings?
  • What impact and role can the local, social and global economies play in building resilience to radicalisation?
  • What role can state education systems play in building resilience?
  • What role can cultural and faith institutions and organisations play in building resilience?
  • What role can civil society play in building resilience?
  • What role do English and other languages play in building resilience?
  • How can the UK government support overseas governments?
  • How can future programmes and strategies give value for money?

Deadline for submissions

Interested parties are invited to keep to a word limit of 3,000 words and to focus their submission on the key issues listed above. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday 30th November 2016. Please aim to submit written evidence before that above date if possible, so it may be considered by the Committee. All submitted evidence will be published on the APPG website. Please send your written submissions by email to Zafran Iqbal on Zafran.Iqbal@britishcouncil.org.