On Monday 12th September 2016, 14.30pm, the APPG will hold it's second evidence session on the Inquiry into Building Resilience to Radicalisation in MENA. 

The second formal evidence session will invite organisations to give a clearer explanation of what is being done in response to the issues around radicalisation. It will aim to engage with organisations and individuals working directly, or indirectly, to build resilient individuals and societies in order to combat radicalisation and extremist idealogies. It will explore projects and strategies being used to build resilient individuals and communities, and evaluate their impact. It will inform the Inquiry of teh wider work being carried out in MENA, using examples of successful initiatives and insights from the ground.

The Committee will look for responses to some of the concepts, definitions and insights into the MENA region, which were explored in the previous sessions, and how organisations are transferring them into tangible action.

Witnesses attending:

  • Rebecca Crozier, Head of Programmes, Middle East and North Africa, International Alert
  • Abou Fassi-Fihri, Regional Director, Middle East and North Programmes, Search for Common Ground
  • Andras Beszterczey, Peace and Conflict Adviser, Mercy Corps
  • Miranda Hurst, Policy and Advocacy Adviser, Mercy Corps