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British Council APPG Report, Opportunities for Britain’s Global Vision

The British Council APPG have completed an inquiry into the role that UK assets of influence and attraction should play in the Integrated Defence, Security and Foreign Policy Review. We thank all those who submitted evidence. The report, “Influence and the Integrated Review: Opportunities for Global Britain’s Vision” has now been published.

Education and Culture in the UK's Relationships with Europe

The British Council APPG subcommittee has launched an inquiry on the role that education and culture has in the UK's relationships with Europe. The British Council believes that education, research, arts and culture can play a key role in maintaining and strengthening bilateral ties with European countries and in supporting UK soft power. 

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Building Resilience to Radicalisation Inquiry

The British Council APPG subcommittee has launched an inquiry on building the resilience of those at risk of radicalisation. The British Council is working to tackle some of the drivers of radicalisation as set out in the UN Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism, particularly through cultural relations interventions, in strategically important countries for the UK’s security, prosperity and influence.