The sixth formal oral evidence session will invite the Chief Executive of the British Council, and the Regional Director to MENA (2013-2017), to give advice and to support this inquiry in finding key recommendations based upon evidence of best practice. 

At this evidence session, the inquiry committee will specifically be looking for evidence on the British Council’s role as a Soft Power organisation in supporting the MENA region to build more resilient and stronger individuals and societies.

This oral evidence session and will continue to build on some of the concepts, definitions, and insights into the MENA region which have been explored in the previous sessions with experts, institutions and organisations working on the ground.

The session will inform the committee members of good practice examples being carried out in MENA (with reference to any relevant global case studies). Committee members will also be looking for advice on recommendations for the final report.

Witnesses attending:

Sir Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive, British Council

Adrian Chadwick, Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa (2013 - 2017), British Council