Setting the Scene – A Research and Academic Perspective towards Building Resilience to Radicalisation in MENA

The first Informal Evidence Session will take place on Wednesday 20th July, 14.30–16.30, Committee Room 11, Palace of Westminster.

This first evidence session will be an informal discussion, which will help set the scene and tone for the Inquiry. The purpose of this session is to inform the Inquiry Committee and bring a better understanding the challenges faced in the MENA region and the current thinking on the terminologies and drivers of radicalisation, from an expert and research perspective. It will look into research and findings carried out by the respective institutes attending, helping to shape the future evidence sessions, and direct the committee towards areas of focus.

Expert panellists and witnesses will include Dr Claire Spencer, Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House, and Jonathan Birdwell, Head of Policy and Research, Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

It will be an opportunity for the witnesses to direct and advise the Inquiry Committee on the overall approach and themes to explore during the Inquiry.