On Wednesday 20 March 2019 at 9:30, the APPG held its third roundtable evidence session on the Inquiry into the role of English language in the UK’s relationship’s with Europe. 

The third session had expert guests from the English language teaching, exams and publishing sector to look specifically at the role of their work in building the UK’s relationships with Europe. Experts and organisations in this area looked at the role of literature and of the English language in supporting UK soft power.

Guests discussed English as a tool for soft power and in opening up cultural and educational opportunities. They highlighted the importance of multilateral programmes and the changing needs of learners. Recommendations were focused around two principal concerns: the continuation of the mutual recognition of qualifications and the internationalism and modernisation of the English language sector. Addressing these concerns would help retain the UK’s leading role in the sector as well as contribute to its soft power. 

The evidence session offered a clear and concise layout of the major areas that require attention. Yet, the conclusion of the discussion is clear and concise, effectively demonstrating how English language teaching can continue in helping to build UK’s relationships with Europe.