On Wednesday 8 May 2019 at 9:30, the APPG held its fourth roundtable evidence session on the Inquiry into the role of schools and language learning in the UK’s relationship’s with Europe. 

The fourth session had expert guests from the schools and modern foreign language teaching sectors to look specifically at the role of their work in building the UK’s relationships with Europe. Experts and organisations in this area looked at the role of primary and secondary school curricula and modern foreign language within that as a method to engage young people in other European cultures at an early age.

Guests discussed digital and physical school exchange trips, the importance of teacher mobility across borders and promotion of native language teachers. Experts discussed the intricate details of language learning and how to best integrate it into the skills agenda and the school day more practically. They argued for continued participation in Erasmus+ and a reprioritisation of funding in this area. Addressing these concerns would help retain the UK’s leading role in the sector as well as contribute to its soft power. 

The evidence session offered a clear and concise layout of the major areas that require attention. Yet, the conclusion of the discussion is clear and concise, effectively demonstrating how schools and language teaching can continue in helping to build UK’s relationships with Europe.