On Wednesday 6 February 2019 at 9:30, the APPG held its first roundtable evidence session on its Inquiry into the role of education and culture in the UK’s relationships with Europe.  

The first session invited expert guests from the arts and creative industries sector to look specifically at the role of their sector in building the UK’s relationships with Europe. Guests discussed how arts and creative industries already support relationships, and the risks and opportunities to grow its impact.  

Guests discussed collaborative work, prominence of international festivals and cultural diplomacy supporting diplomatic relations at higher levels. Future challenges to this multi-lateral relationship were also addressed, with mobility of artists, students and organisations as one of the biggest challenges the UK will have to face as Brexit comes into effect.

The evidence session offered a clear and concise layout of the major areas that require attention. Yet, the verdict is fairly positive as the rich, shared history the UK and the other EU countries have is a strong, inalienable foundation to UK-European relations.