Final Report: The value of International experience, skills and connections for young people

The latest British Council APPG report explores the value of international experience, skills and connections for young people in the UK, arguing that ensuring young people have the opportunities to explore, experience, understand and contribute to the wider world is not only in the interests of young people themselves, but of the whole country as well.  

The report points a spotlight at the uneven access to these opportunities for so many of our young people, arguing that if we are to ensure our young people are able to fulfil their potential and realise the promise of Global Britain and “level up” that we must broaden access to international opportunities, skills and experiences.

The APPG calls for all young people to have access to international skills and opportunities, and that the expertise of the British Council and similar organisations should be utilised to deliver this, with a particular focus on delivering for the most disadvantaged parts of the UK.

The APPG would like to thank all of those who submitted evidence to the inquiry. If you have any questions about the inquiry and report please contact or   

Note: This is not an official publication of the House of Commons or the House of Lords. It has not been approved by either House or its committees. All-Party Parliamentary Groups are informal groups of Members of both Houses with a common interest in particular issues. The views expressed in this report are those of the group.