Please note that this inquiry has now closed and the report has been published.

How to send a submission:

The British Council All Party Parliamentary Group are seeking evidence as part of an inquiry into the role that the influence of the UK power of attraction, and ability to build trust and cultural and inter-personal connections should play in the forthcoming Integrated Defence, Security and Foreign Policy Review. We are seeking evidence which will shape the report. 

You can contribute to the review by answering as many of the questions in the submission form, reproduced below. Submissions will be taken until 20 July 2020. Submissions do not need to be in long form, and you may choose to address as many or as few of the questions posed as you wish. 

To submit your evidence please complete the linked form, and send it to before midnight on 20 July 2020. It may not be possible to include evidence from any submissions that arrive after this date. 

Further information: 

HMG are undertaking a comprehensive Integrated Defence, Security and Foreign Policy Review (IR), which is expected to be undertaken over the Summer of 2020. The review comes at a moment of significant opportunity for the UK, as the world looks to move past the Covid-19 pandemic and as the international landscape begins to reflect new geopolitical realities. In all of this, building on the UK’s assets in cultural diplomacy will be a vital element of securing influence and connections in the national interest.

The British Council APPG are therefore undertaking an inquiry which will seek to identify opportunities for a newly global UK, establish the role that our power of attraction and influence should play to support that vision and what that means for the Integrated Review. 

We would welcome your input for this review and would therefore ask that you submit evidence to the inquiry by answering as many of the questions outlined below in this document. Your response may be in bullet point form if preferred, and you do not need to address all of the questions.   

  1. What are the principal opportunities for a global UK post-Covid and following the UK’s departure from the European Union?
  2. What are the principle challenges for a global UK post-Covid and following the UK’s departure from the European Union?
  3. What is the role of "soft power" in realising these opportunities and mitigating against these challenges?
  4. What do you see as the upcoming strategic defence and security threats and opportunities for the UK in the coming decade; and what role do you see UK assets of influence and attraction playing in addressing these?  
  5. What are the key assets of UK soft power and how effectively do they deliver against stated UK foreign policy objectives?
  6. How has the British Council performed as an asset of influence and attraction for the UK over recent decades?
  7. What action could HM Government take to supercharge UK influence and attraction in order to help realise the opportunities and mitigate against the challenges of the current and future geopolitical context?
  8. How could HMG best coordinate its assets and resources of influence and attraction and ensure a strategic approach (across Departments, non-Departmental Public Bodies, partner agencies and so on); and what lessens could be learnt from other countries in this regard?