Please note that this inquiry has now closed and the report has been published.

Opportunities for Britain’s Global Vision – Influence and the Integrated Review.

HMG are undertaking a comprehensive Integrated Defence, Security and Foreign Policy Review (IR), which is expected to be undertaken over the Summer of 2020. The review comes at a moment of significant opportunity for the UK, as the world looks to move past the Covid-19 pandemic and as the international landscape begins to reflect new geopolitical realities. In all of this, building on the UK’s assets in cultural diplomacy will be a vital element of securing influence and connections in the national interest.

The APPG’s report  “Influence and the Integrated Review: Opportunities for Britain’s Global Vision” surveys the UK’s soft power assets and capabilities, places this in the context of increasing global competition for influence and concludes by calling for a soft power strategy to be at the heart of the Integrated Review. The report highlights the importance of operational independence for the UK’s soft power assets, as well as the need for a long-term funding strategy that protects soft power institutions from the chilling effects of Covid-19.

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What the APPG Inquiry aims to achieve

The British Council APPG are therefore undertaking an inquiry which will seek to identify opportunities for a newly global UK, establish the role that our power of attraction and influence should play to support that vision and what that means for the Integrated Review.

Deadline for Submissions: Midnight on 20th July 2020.