List of British Council APPG – Peers:

List of British Council APPG: Peers – A-B

Lord Aberdare
Lord Abersoch
Lord Ahmed
Lord Alton of Liverpool
Lord Anderson of Swansea
Baroness Armstrong of Hiltop
Lord Bach
Lord Bassam of Brighton
Lord Best
Lord Boateng
Baroness Bonham-Carter
Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth
Lord Bowness
Lord Bragg
Lord Brennan
Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe
Lord Brookeborough
Lord Butler of Brockwell

List of British Council APPG: Peers – C-D

Lord Campbell of Pittenween
Lord Carlile of Berriew
Lord Carter of Coles
Lord Clement-Jones
Lord Collins
Lord Cotter
Lord Dholakia
Lord Dubs
Lord Dykes

List of British Council APPG: Peers – E-G

Lord Evans of Watford
Lord Forsyth
Lord German

List of British Council APPG: Peers – H-J

Lord Harris of Haringey
Lord Harrison
Lord Haskel
Lord Haskins
Baroness Hodgson
Lord Hope of Craighead
Lord Howard
Lord Howarth of Newport
Lord Howell of Guildford
Lord Hunt of Chesterton
Lord Hunt of Wirral
Lord Jay of Ewelme
Lord Jones of Birmingham
Lord Jones of Cheltenham
Lord Judd

List of British Council APPG: Peers – K-N

Lord Kerslake
Lord Kinnock
Lord Lexden
Lord Lothian
Lord Mackay of Clashfern
Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate
Lord Mann
Lord Mclnnes
Lord McNally
Lord Morris of Aberavon
Lord Naseby
Lord Newby
Lord Norton of Louth

List of British Council APPG: Peers – O-R

Lord Oakeshott
Lord Oates
Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan
Lord Palumbo
Lord Patten
Lord Paul
Baroness Penn
Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers
Lord Plant of Highfield
Lord Puttnam
Lord Radice
Baroness Randerson
Baroness Rawlings
Lord Redesdale 
Baroness Richardson of Calow
Lord Robertson of Port Ellen
Lord Rodgers of Quarry Bank
Lord Rosser
Baroness Royall of Blaisdon

List of British Council APPG: Peers – S-T

Lord Sandwich
Baroness Seccombe
Lord Selkirk
Lord Sherbourne of Didsbury
Lord Skidelsky
Baroness Smith of Newnham
Lord Stevenson of Balmacara
Lord Stoddart of Swindon
Lord Stone of Blackheath
Baroness Suttie
Baroness Taylor 
Lord Taylor of Warwick
Lord Tebbit
Lord Thomas of Gresford
Baroness Thomas of Winchester
Baroness Thornton
Lord Tomlinson
Lord Tope
Lord Truscott
Lord Tunnicliffe

List of British Council APPG: Peers – U-W

Baroness Uddin
Baroness Valentine
Baroness Verma
Lord Wakeham
Lord Wallace of Saltaire
Baroness Walmsley
Lord Warner
Baroness Warsi
Lord Watson of Invergowrie
Lord West
Baroness Whitaker
Lord Wigley
Lord Williams of Elvel
Lord Wilson of Tillyorn
Lord Wood of Anfield
Lord Woolf
Lord Woolmer of Leeds
Lord Wright of Richmond